Fee for Services

The Knox County Health Department offers the following services on a fee for services basis. Nurses are available for walk-ins on Tuesdays from 8am to 4pm and Thursdays from 8am to noon. **Individuals needing Port-a-Cath flushes or toe nails trimmed should call for an appointment.  Birth and death certificates available Monday – Friday 8am -4pm

**Fees are subject to change without notice.

Blood Draw $10.00 (call for appt.)
Blood Pressure Free
Blood Sugar $5.00
Hemoglobin $5.00 (anemia)
Immunizations $5.00 + cost of vaccine
Injections $5.00
InRatio (PT/INR) $10.00 (call for appt.)
**Port-a-cath Flush $15.00 (call for appt.)
Pregnancy Test Free (max. 2/mo)
TB Test $5.00
**Toenail Trim $10.00 (call for appt.)
Home Health Visit (RN, PT, OT, ST) $165.00 / Visit
Public Health Visit-Comprehensive (RN Only) $45.00 / Visit
Public Health Visit-Limited
(RN Only)
$20.00 / Visit
Birth Certificates $15.00
Death Certificates $14.00 ($11 each additional purchased on the same day)


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